Nygård Standard of Excellence Fashion Show & Awards Night

Cathy Lee Crosby, Mrs. Nygård, Peter NygårdÅliå Nygård, Peter Nygård, Cathy Lee Crosby & Kai Nygård
'Retailer of the Year' - SEARS Canada - Denis LaPointe, Jim Bennett, Bill Turner, Peter Nygård, Ed Matier, John Freeman & Brian HessionCathy Lee Crosby, Fred Mershad, Bob Adamson, Peter Nygård, Chuck Schaffer, Connie McKeagen 
'Independent Retailer of the Year' - Bruce Anderson with Jim Bennett 'Mill of the Year' - Bradlee Int'l Ltd, Brad Pedell, Shawn Lee with Jim Bennett
'Mill of the Year' - Milliken & Co. - Otto Schmid & George Todd with Denis LaPointe'Supplier of the Year' - Jeff Wu of Nan Kuang Fibre Ind. Co. Ltd.
'Maker of the Year' - Suzhou Textiles Import I/E Corp. Wu Xiao Yan with Jim BennettPeter Nygård, Cathy Lee Crosby, Frances Chokatte, Josiena Chokatte

'Partners In Progress Award' presented to Nygård Int'l by SEARS Canada

Nygård Int'l Executive - Len Nicolas, Bob Adamson, Denis LaPointe, Peter Nygård, Jim Bennett, Art Pemberton, Dan Iampietro, Rick Wanzel
Peter Nygård Signature Streamer - 'Fun on the catwalk'

'Partners In Progress Award' presented to Nygård Int'l by SEARS Canada 





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