Nygård presents Patriot Award 2003 ...

On FRI OCT31 @ a gala award dinner in Winnipeg - Peter Nygård, the recipient of the 2002 Royal Military Institute's Patriot Award was honoured to be asked by Col. Gary Solar to present the 2003 award to his long-time friend the Former Lt. Governor of MB Pearl McGonigal. Nygård spoke of her dedication and loyalty to Canada & its people and of what true patriotism really is.

Guests were also treated to a fashion show sponsored by Nygård; that featured military fashions from the 18th & 19th centuries.

Patriot Award 03 - Mr. Nygård & Col. Ben Van Ruiten

Patriot Award 03 - Col. Solar & Mr. Nygård

Patriot Award 03 - Bonnie Korzeniowski, Mr. Nygård & Lt General Ray Crabbe

Patriot Award 03 - Mr. Nygård,  Pearl McGonigal, & Col. Solar

Patriot Award 03 - Nygård EXEC

Patriot Award 03 - Åliå N, Mrs. Nygård & Mr. Nygård

Mrs. Nygård & Col. Ben Van Ruiten





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