Peter Nygård Honoured for His Support in War against Terrorism

The Royal Military Institute has honoured NYGÅRD INTERNATIONAL & its Founder & Chairman PETER J NYGÅRD with The Patriot Award for their public support of Canadian and American Forces and the United States of America in the war against terrorism following the horrendous attacks against the United States on SEP11-01.

PETER NYGÅRD received this first ever Royal Military Patriot Award for his unhesitating and unequivocal support immediately following the terrorist attacks. The Royal Military's selection mandate for their award is 'EXCEPTIONAL & RARE patriotic action on the part of an individual or corporation'.

"When the tragic events of 9/11 occurred Peter Nygård demonstrated the same boldness, daring & leadership that he shows in business by being one of the VERY FIRST prominent Canadians to publicly & without hesitation demonstrate his genuine & sincere support for our American allies. He mobilized his entire corporation worldwide & led the way in reassuring our American friends that we would not stand by & allow these heinous crimes against humanity to go unpunished", says LT General Ray Crabbe.

The LT. General continued "The Patriot Award is a unique recognition awarded to Peter Nygård for his relentless support of the American people - his strong Canadian roots & his love of freedom, liberty & the Democratic way of life".

Nygård - Patriot Award Images

LT General Ray Crabbe Intro Speech

Discurso del Teniente General Ray Crabbe

A formal military dinner was held at the Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg, MB on FRI MAY3-02 to honour the Patriot Award recipient, Peter Nygård was in attendance to personally accept the award.

Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Peter Nygård & LT General Ray Crabbe (Royal Military Institute)


Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Ken & Denise Grondin, Denis & Cindy LaPointe, Mrs Nygård, Peter Nygård, Art Pemberton & Bronya Rae, Len & Linda Nicolas


Patriot award - FRI MAY3 - Emcee Barry Burns (CJOB Radio), Mrs Nygård & Peter Nygård Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Garth Buchko (President & GM) CJOB Radio & Peter Nygård
Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - LT General Ray Crabbe (Royal Military Institute), Mrs. Brenda Crabbe & Peter Nygård Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Mrs Nygård, LT Governor Peter Liba & Peter Nygård
Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Peter Nygård & Honourable Dr. Rey Pagtakhan (M.P. - Minister Veterans Affairs) Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Peter Nygård, Rear Admiral Wally Fox-Decent & Mrs Bobbi Jo Fox-Decent
Patriot Award - FRI MAY3 - Peter Nygård



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