Pat  Chapdelaine  - 35 YR Long Term Service - Event

NYGÅRD announces appointment of Ms Pat Chapdelaine to its Executive Management Team 

On SAT MAR27 at a 35 year Long Term service event held in Winnipeg, MB, Peter Nygård, NYGÅRD associates & international vendors, gathered together to celebrate a member of NYGÅRD's Senior Management Team - - Pat Chapdelaine.

Pat Chapdelaine & Peter Nygård Pat Chapdelaine with Grandson Evan, Grandaughters Kayla & Melissa & daughter Michelle

Peter Nygård surprised his trusted employee with the announcement of her appointment to his Executive Management Team; this exclusive, now 10 member group, is responsible for the ultimate success of NYGÅRD's $500M global empire with offices & factories worldwide. He highlighted in his speech the significant factor that "as a career female - - a 'Nygård Power Woman' - - Pat has achieved extraordinary success in finding that balance in both her Home life & Career." 

Pat Chapdelaine with son Tony Grandaughters Brittany, Sara & Daughter-in-Law Alice Pat Chapdelaine's son,Tony

Pat has 6 children, 14 grandchildren & 1 great grandchild all of whom paid tribute to the fact that although their mom & grandmother has been extremely successful in her career, she always finds quality time for each of them.

Pat Chapdelaine & Peter Nygård Jim Bennett, Pat Chapdelaine & Peter Nygård

Pat Chapdelaine, Vice President of Operations & Technical Design, has been an integral part of NYGÅRD for over 35 years, steadily rising through the ranks: she started her career with NYGÅRD in the accounting department & after 7 years she became the Executive Secretary to the Chairman, after which she was promoted to Director of Human Resources.

Pat Chapdelaine with daughter Mandy & Grandsons Michael & Austin Denis LaPointe, Pat Chapdelaine & Cindy LaPointe

In 1989 Pat was entrusted to oversee the expansion of NYGÅRD's Orient Operations, where she continues to make a substantial impact on the overall success of NYGÅRD International.

Y.S. Baek, Pat Chapdelaine & Thomas Lo

Laurie Oliver & Pat Chapdelaine

Pat Chapdelaine with Grandaughter Julie & Husband Travis

Pat Chapdelaine with daughter Lorraine, grandaughter Tamara Jane & boyfriend Chris

Pat Chapdelaine's daughter Celia & husband Russ




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