Nygård Celebration 35 - 35 Years of Caring - DEC5-03 

NYGÅRD'S Million Dollar Night In Support of Breast Cancer Research ...

35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - $650,000 Donation To CBCF
35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - $400,000 Donation to CancerCare

On FRI DEC5 @ The Winnipeg Convention Centre, Peter Nygård, NYGÅRD associates, suppliers & customers gathered together to celebrate NYGÅRD Long Term Associates (who have worked for the company 25+ years) & the upcoming Festive Season. The major theme of the evening was to celebrate 'NYGÅRD's '35 Years of Caring' -- this was the Finale Event of the company's year long 35th Anniversary Celebrations.

35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Mr Bennett

35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Mr Nygård TV Interview

The highlight of the evening was two cheque presentations totalling over $1M which will benefit Breast Cancer Research:

$650,000 was presented to CBCF (Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation) - CBCF is the leading national volunteer-based organization in Canada dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

$400,000 was presented to CancerCare Manitoba to fund the new NYGÅRD Int'l Manitoba Breast Cancer Tumour Bank - this Tumour Bank will be the cornerstone of all the research activities @ CancerCare.

35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Chemo Savvy 35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - PDC Boys Choir

After the formalities, guests were treated to a special preview Fashion Show featuring the exhilarating & fabulous NYGÅRD Fashions for Spring 2004 - which for the 1st time will be broadcast throughout North America on 'NFN' (NYGÅRD Fashion Network).
35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Mr Nygård & 25 Year Long Term Service ASSOC 35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Mr Nygård, Linda & Col Gary Solar

Peter Nygård, Founder & Chairman of NYGÅRD Int'l, Canada's largest ladies' Fashion House, is a pioneer in the North American Fashion Industry. This businessman & humanitarian will, for years to come, continue to set the standards in business, as well as continuing his company's crusade to support selected charities & causes along the way.

35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Happy Anniversary

35 Years of Caring - DEC03 - Mr Nygård & Santa (Paul Yogis)




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